Global Control Shortcuts for Mac

You can make your keyboard work for you and save you time.  There is an excellent article/video by Quincy Larson on Vimeo on Global Control Shortcuts for Mac.  These shortcuts will not only save time and make typing easy.  Here is a link to his video.   Just click the arrow to view.


The shortcuts are activated by modifying System Preferences.

Once you are in System Preferences, open Keyboard.

“Key Repeat” and “Delay Until Repeat” should be set all the way to the right!  Next click on the Modifier Keys option.

Change “Caps Lock Key” to “^Control”.  When you do that the “Control” options become available.  Here are several that Quincy Larson lists.

Here’s the full list of Control shortcuts. These Shortcuts work EVERYWHERE on Mac:
Control + F = Forward
Control + B = Backward
Control + N = Next Line
Control + P = Previous Line
Control + H = Backspace
Control + D = Delete
Control + A = Beginning of Line
Control + E = End of Line
Control + K = Kill line

Try this little trick!  You’ll love it!

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